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A Cute Baby Kitty Reviews ‘Black Panther’

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yesterday my momma bit me in the back of my neck and picked me up and brung me to the movies. i saw black panther. i liked it! a lot of things happened in it and i liked them all!

when black panther was jumping all around, i tried to jump too and grab him with my paws, but i couldn’t catch him! it was worse than the time my human got a laser pointer.

there was a lot of cool scenes in black panther and they was all very fun and cool! i have a toy mouse that has catnip inside and i like to play with that. i know that has nothing to do with black panther but i thought you should know! also in black panther i liked it when michael b. jordan took off his shirt.

i’m just a cute little kitty and even i want to bang michael b. jordan.

the only bad thing about black panther is someone in the theater shushed me when i was mewing for my momma. it’s like, baby kitties come to the movies too, man. i think at the end black panther had a fight with a big bad guy, but i missed it because i had to suck on my momma’s milk-nipple. it was nummy!

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