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Darth Vader Robs A Bank

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Sadly, it seems things aren't going so well for the Dark Lord.



Darth Vader walked into the Chase Bank of Long Island at around 11:30am recently with his usual evil intentions… but this time he didn't use the force choke, he used an actual gun to rob the place.



What happened? Things were going so well. He was was ruling his evil empire and on top of the universe.



He had a sweet ride.



He was throwing out the first pitch at ball games. He was so popular.



But then he started slacking off. Playing video games all the time instead of working on his evil empire.



He had to take a job at the grocery store to pay the rent but he got fired for goofing off.



He was driving a bus for a little while. Vader's got bills to pay!



Took some part-time holiday work at the mall… but that didn't work out. The children were afraid of him.



Then things got bad. Vader was seen panhandling on the streets of New York. Poor guy. What's going on with him?

But who knew things were SO bad for Vader that he'd have to rob a bank? It must have been horrifying for the teller to see Vader coming at her with a gun.



Maybe he'll spend the money on a new Death Star. That'll show 'em!


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