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Dead Japanese Family Found in Apartment STRAIGHT-UP MUMMIFIED

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After receiving complaints from smoe neighbors about the smell, Japanese police busted into a locked house to find, what else, dead people. But these dead people had been dead for months and had even begun to mummify. Now, I know what you're thinking. "Aren't Japanese mummies supposed to be sexy?" These were NOT the sexy kind of Japanese mummies.

sexy mummy
You'd be surprised to learn how few Japanes mummies are actually sexy.

These mummies used to be a 78 year old guy and his two children, a 45 year old woman and a 40 year old man. So apparently, they were just hanging out one day and all DIED. Just up and DIED. The police don't seem to think there was any foul play involved. But I don't get it—what could the police have POSSIBLY found that would explain three people sitting still long enough that they'd DIE?

lord of the rings dvd

And this isn't the first time Japan has found mummified bodies, either. The man wh had been listed as Tokyo's oldest living man was found after dying 30 years previous. This of course threw his entire record into question. Having a dead old age record holder is like having a world record pole vaulter who can levitate.

guy levitating
"It's not like I can levitate THAT high."

I don't mean to be cavaliere about this. I'm sad these people died, and furthermore, that they didn't have anyone in thier lives to look for them when they went missing. But that's not even the scariest part of the story. Those police officers that found the mummies? There is no WAY they're not cursed.

japan police mummy
"I a'int too sure about this new recruit, sarge!"

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