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What’s the Deal With That One Tunnel From Every Music Video?

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The 2nd Street Tunnel is like the non-product-placement version of Beats by Dre — it’s appeared in so many music videos you lose count. The LA Times called it “the most recognizable city landmark most Americans have never heard of.”

So, Smosh reader, meat 2nd Street Tunnel. Located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, this tunnel opened in 1924 and features glossy white tiles that give it a photobox effect. You might already recognize it from movies like Blade Runner and The Terminator or myriad car commercials, but it’s also a go-to location for music videos of all genres. As they say in the biz, when all else fails, shoot in the 2nd Street Tunnel! (I’m a very famous actor in the biz, and I just said that now, so it’s a thing.)

1. The Weeknd – “Reminder”


Be careful The Weeknd and A$AP Rocky!! You two look cool AF but driving in that tunnel is no joke. I live in Downtown and driving around there is a nightmare! But I must admit, on those nights when I’m just sick of people saying I’m a teen choice or a bleach boy, I too hang out of my sick Honda CR-V.

2. Kesha – “We R Who We R”


Hot and dangerous, Kesha just blew up the 2nd Street Tunnel. I really like the message behind the video that more people should walk in LA. Like in the middle of roads. Yes, of course we does.

3. Goo Goo Dolls – “Iris”


In a classic use of the tunnel, the Goo Goo Dolls jam at the entrance. Thank you to Waze for the notification of “alt rock band playing in middle of road”. PS that swivel chair is #officegoals.

4. Bruno Mars – “Grenade”


I’ll tell you what’s not easy come, easy go — lugging that darn piano all over town! Poor Bruno. And all for a girl who kisses with her eyes wide open. (Why were her eyes open?!)

5. My Chemical Romance – “Sing”


I’d be pissed if some masked monkey tried to charge me a toll to go through 2nd Street too! Also, the scariest part of this whole video is when it rains in the end. LA peeps can’t handle that ish!!

6. Chayanne – “Yo Te Amo”


I don’t know what the lyrics mean, but I’m catching all sorts of feels! Also, who doesn’t love a surprise this-is-a-movie-set-within-a-music-video reveal a la Britney’s “Lucky” and Fergie’s “Glamorous”?

7. 30 Seconds to Mars – “Kings and Queens”


Again, drawing from my LA-native experience, you do NOT want to encounter a cavalry of bikers. They completely disregard traffic lights, traffic laws, and traffic looks — you know, those dirty looks you shoot people who aren’t paying attention on the road.

8. Bon Jovi – “It’s My Life”


Look at those fans! They’re like “Give me more tunnel! We love the tunnel! Tunnel! Tunnel!”

Do you know any other locations used as much as this darn tunnel? Let us know on Twitter @AndiHester!