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Deleted Movie Scenes That Shouldn’t Have Been Deleted

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Deleted scenes are one of the best parts about buying a DVD. It’s cool to see parts of the story that almost made it into the movie. Usually, deleted scenes are kind of silly, which explains why they were cut. Sometimes, though, a good scene that develops the story still ends up on the cutting room floor. Here are seven deleted scenes that would’ve made their movies better!


More Captain America in Avengers

deleted avengers


While Captain America: The Winter Soldier did a pretty great job of showing Cap dealing with the modern world, it was kind of weird that it wasn’t shown in The Avengers. It’s mentioned in the movie, but aside from a few jokes, the idea that Captain America is a World War II-era man living in 2012 isn’t really addressed. Cap seems like he’s more or less fully adjusted to the future. There was a scene in the film where Captain America looks up the fate of his old unit, including Peggy Carter, but since the filmmakers wanted more time for alien face punching, they decided to cut out the character development.






There’s a scene in Prometheus where a scientist finds an alien worm that is clearly not friendly, and he coos at it like it were a cuddly baby. Then it literally eats his face, because it is an alien worm and what else would it have done?

So why did the scientist act that way? It didn’t make sense. Well, there was a scene that was supposed to take place earlier in the film where this same scientist finds a number of friendly alien worms. They don’t eat his face, so he assumes that all the worms on this planet are friendly. If this scene had stayed in the movie, it would have made the scientist’s later actions make sense. Is that why they cut it? Do the people who made Prometheus hate things that make sense?


The Shining

deleted shining


What exactly happened in The Shining? Director Stanley Kubrick left it intentionally vague, because he was a crazy person who potentially helped the government fake the moon landing, but there is a scene cut from the end of the movie that could shed some light on the events in the film. In it, we see the Overlook Hotel’s owner stop by the hospital where the survivors are staying. He claims that there was no evidence of anything happening at the hotel. Before he leaves, he gives Danny (the kid with the Shining) a green tennis ball, like the one Jack Nicholson’s character would use. Had this scene remained, it would’ve suggested that whatever was going on at the hotel, the owner was in on it. It adds a sinister new layer to the movie.


Army of Darkness

deleted darkness


If you haven’t seen the original Evil Dead trilogy, you’re a monster. It follows the adventures of a guy named Ash, who goes camping with his friends and ends up awakening evil spirits in the woods. By the third movie, Army of Darkness, Ash is transported to medieval times to fight monsters with a chainsaw that has replaced his severed hand. It’s silly, gross, and great.

Army of Darkness actually has a happy ending, where Ash makes it back to his own time and saves the day. Well, that wasn’t how it was supposed to end. Originally, when Ash tries to go back to the future from castle times, he ends up over shooting it and wakes up in an apocalyptic future. The original ending was a much better fit for the series, and makes more sense. Ash has a chainsaw hand, he’s not going to live a normal life after that.


Terminator 2

deleted terminator


The coolest part about Terminator 2 was the transformation of Sarah Conner — she’s almost more cold-hearted than the Terminator in this movie, a complete shift from the way she acted in the first movie. This idea was originally going to be developed more, as a scene where Sarah dreams about Kyle Reese — the dead father from the first movie — was cut from the film. The scene worked to show that the original Sarah was still in there, and that the events of the first movie still linger. This scene just would’ve made Sarah Connor a little more relatable, because this movie already had enough ruthless killing machines.


Back to the Future Part 3

deleted future


In the third Back to the Future movie, Marty travels to the wild west times, and finds that his school principal’s father is the sheriff and his school bully’s father is the town outlaw. In a deleted scene, the outlaw guns down the sheriff in front of his son (who would grow up to become the principal from the first movie). It’s a dark scene, but it worked to show why the son grew up to be so strict. In fact, that scene turns the principal into a pretty nice guy, all thing considered. Since it was cut out, that principal remains pretty two-dimensional.


Biggs Darklighter in Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope

deleted star wars


Remember the first time you watched Star Wars, and everything is going great, and then they go to blow up the Death Star, and all of the sudden Luke has a best friend who’s also in the rebellion? And he isn’t introduced until his space ship blows up, and Luke gets super upset about it? Well, that guy is Biggs Darklighter, and he was Luke’s best friend from Tatooine. This was explained in an earlier scene that George Lucas cut out of the film. Basically, Lucas filmed a series of events that made sense, and then cut out their set ups and left in the pay-off. In the original version of the movie, that audience was left to think that Luke really liked that random guy with the sweet mustache.


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