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Despicable Lindsay

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America's favorite "bad girl" is in the news again. There are so many juicy stories that I don't even know where to start…



Well, first of all… Lindsay Lohan's lawyer quit yesterday. I guess she was sick of Lindsay and her bologna. Which is exactly what Lohan will be eating in the big house.



Perhaps it was the special message to the judge that Lindsay painted on her fingernails.



After being sentenced to 90 days in the pokey Lindsay stayed home, missing her own 24th birthday party to tweet her many thoughts about her life and the sentence she was given.

She made jokes about her fingernails…



Compared her plight to that of women being stoned to death in Iran.




Then she went on to complain about the justice system. Boo Hoo!




Hours after Lindsay was sobbing in court and trying to convince the jude that she "respected" her… Lindsay was heard calling Judge Marsha Revel who sentenced her a "fu**ing b*tch".



That's not very lady like. Also, who are these "friends" of Lindsay's that tell the press everything she says?

@BorowitzReport said on Twitter: "I don't want to live in a world where Lindsay Lohan is in jail and BP executives aren't."



I'd like to live in a world where Lindsay Lohan AND BP executives are all in jail together.

Isn't it amazing how she never takes responsibilty for anything? She's a very bad girl. Remind you of anyone?



You're despicable Lindsay!


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