Developer Diary: New Update Available

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Hey Food Battlers! We are so happy to hear how much fun you guys are having playing Food Battle: The Game. We have been getting a lot of awesome feedback and suggestions on how to make the game even better. So we took a lot of your input, worked out some kinks in the game and added in some new special features for our very first update!

Because this update comes at the perfect time for the holidays, we decided to throw in some holiday cheer to Tickputt. After you download the new update, check out Charlie’s store to find two new costumes; an Ian’s Mom costume and a Santa outfit for Anthony to wear.

food battle christmas


If you dress up Anthony in the full Santa suit, it snows in Tickputt!

food battle christmas


food battle christmas


Most of you are using operating systems that will automatically update, so you won’t have to worry about it. But for everyone else, you may see this message while trying to play FBTG:


food battle error update


It’s just an error message prompting you to update…so go do it

After you have upgraded Food Battle: The Game to the latest version when you next load the game you may see the following message. If you do select “Continue my current game”

Just a couple more things…that Quest 5 donut boss, he’s not so much of a bad ass now. We also improved the lollipop wand to make enemies explode!

If you are having any issues with your game or have concerns about the update, please first check to see if our detailed FAQ answers your

If the FAQ does not help answer your question, submit a form with our support team here: HERE!

Happy holidays!

– The Smosh Team