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Did One Direction Catch Chlamydia from a Koala?

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Two stories about British boy band sensation One Direction came out this week, both relating to the goofy one with the windswept hair and winning smile— Harry Styles. One, he's been romantically linked to model Emma Ostilly, and two, he and Liam Payne, took pictures with a koala during their recent Australian tour. Now here's the fun part— guess which story has him worried he has chlamydia?

model emma and koala
a) you guessed wrong and b) no one blames you.

During a recent photo op, Liam and Harry were holding a koala and, as animals are wont to do, it peed on both of them. It started out as the funny, endearing kind of mishap that makes us fall in love with our celebrities, like the time a clown bit Usher or when that ringworm got into Reese Witherspoon's brain.

reese witherspoon at mtv movie awards
There were no MTV Movie Awards in 2011.

But as it turns out, chlamydia is a huge problem in the koala population, as almost 80 percent of koalas are infected. So when it peed on Harry and Liam , concern grew that they may have contracted the disease, with Liam going as far to say he was "genuinely scared". He and Liam doesn't have a lot to worry about, though, as koala-to-human contraction is very rare. But I feel like the real story here is that 80 percent of the koala population has chlamydia. What does that mean for the future of the already endangered species?

metalheads in front of a moonbounce

A study by The Australian Koala Fund has found that, largely due to the disease, koalas could be extinct in as little as 30 years. And when I first read that statistic, I felt sad for them. But then I realized— 30 years is at least four cycles of the public falling in love with and almost immediately forgetting about boy bands. One Direction is going to be extinct long before koalas.

metalheads in front of a moonbounce
Please consider donating to The Australian One Direction Fund, a non-profit
dedicated to preserving the wild One Direction and its habitat.


Would you love One Direction even if their sexual organs were ravaged by chlamydia? Let me know at @mikeyfromsu or leave a comment below!


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