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Did One Direction Lip Sync On SNL?

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One Direction did Saturday Night Live over the weekend and there's something of a fooferall over whether or not they sang their crappy, crappy song or not.



We're sugary sweet and we love you, gurl!


These British Boys were, like most boy bands, grown in test tubes by scientists who were paid by the music industry to create a band with the exact perfect combination of totally non-threatening sexuality and a willingness to sing songs that mean absolutely nothing.



We don't know what our songs mean, or why we sing them!


So did they not sing their horrible, horrible song? YOU BE THE JUDGE:



So what makes you beautiful? According to them it's your ignorance. You're beautiful because you don't have any confidence in your physical appearance. 



What makes you beautiful? IT'S THAT YOU DON'T KNOW


Other great thinkers who have believed that a woman is beautiful primarily because of her lack of knowledge include: Al Bundy, and that's it.



What One Direction thinks should be done with women who know they're beautiful


Lip Sync or no Lip Sync you can be sure One Direction is here to stay, for like 4 years until they get old enough to have nose hair, one of them is revealed to be an alcoholic and gets arrested for beating up his girlfriend in a shopping mall. Viva One Direction!


What do you want One Direction and you to do when they marry you? Let us know in the comments!


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