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Differences I Noticed Between the Hunger Games Book and The Movie

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I've been hearing about this "The Hunger Games" business for months, so like seemingly everyone else in America I bought a ticket. Unfortunately every showing was sold out except the late Saturday/ early Sunday 3:00 am showing at the theater in the part of town where the cars have cinder blocks for wheels and rats leap at you from light posts. Now, a 3 AM showing left me with an entire day to kill, and since I couldn't contain my Hunger Games excitement, I went to Barnes and Noble and read the entire book in one sitting. The employees glared at me but whatever, they book business is dying. In any event, I read the whole book and noticed some big differences between it and the movie:

ALSO, spoilers ahead, kinda. You should have read the book by now anyways!


Katniss doesn't drug Peeta to go to the feast


She just lies to him and he falls asleep and she leaves. This change does take away from Katniss' decisive, no-nonsense personality, but on the other hand it does a ton re-enforce Peeta's number one personality trait — that he is the world's biggest p*ssy.

"I'm not allowed to bet, but if I could, my money would be on you."


This important quote from Cinna that crystalized his relationship with Katniss was not in the movie. Or it might have been. Look, it was a late showing, I was sleepy.


Haymitch barely drinks


For Haymitch to be the lush he was in the book, every time he was on screen he needed to be chugging a 40, maybe even with a Scotch IV in his arm. I wanted to see him chugging alcohol like lemonade after a day of mowing the lawn.



The mutations did not have the eyes of the dead tributes


I imagine this aspect of the book was removed because while it was awesome to read about in the book, on screen it would have been literally the dumbest thing of all time.


Katniss is played by an adult black man who dies after he's spoken a thousand words


Which is odd because in the book she was a teenage girl.

Wait, no, I was in the theater for A Thousand Words.


Prim is played by an adorable wide eyed little girl


Which is odd because in the book she was an adult black man who dies after he's spoken a thousand words.

Wait, no, I was reading A Thousand Words: The Novelization.


Katniss' prep team, Venia, Octavia, and Flavius, were cut from the movie


I have mixed feelings about thischoice. I was upset by it because when I took an online "Which Hunger Games character are you" quiz I got Flavius, but I was also stoked because that result made me incredibly depressed.


What did you like about the Hunger Games movie? The book? I really want to know, so either comment below or twitter me at @mikeyfromsu!


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