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Disney Characters Who Would Probably Support Gay Marriage!

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Last week, President Obama announced that he supports gay marriage. Then this past Tuesday, Jay-Z followed suit. Equality FTW! Many people have been in favor of gay marriage all along; hopefully now we’ll see a bunch more famous people making fancy declarations. But in order to fully penetrate the hearts and minds of all Americans, we’ll need to hear some gay-marriage endorsements from the most truly influential group: Disney characters. Since they can’t speak for themselves, here are some Disney characters who probably support gay marriage.


Timon, The Lion King

disney gay lion king


You guys, Nathan Lane does the voice of Timon. Also, Timon and his gay-friendly friend Pumbaa dress up in hula skirts and sing Elton John. Most importantly, Timon’s philosophy is “Hakuna Matata,” which means, “No worries.” We can infer that Timon wouldn’t care if gay people wanted to get married, and he wouldn’t want you to worry about it, either.



disney gay mulan mulan


This is a woman who dressed up like a dude because she didn’t want gender norms to hold her back from doing what was right. Mulan would absolutely support same-sex marriage, if that’s what was best for the family.


LeFou, Beauty And The Beast

disney gay lefou gaston


The only thing stopping LeFou from marrying Gaston is that gay marriage probably isn’t legal in their small provincial town. Do you think there’d be an angry mob if Gaston and LeFou were sexually satisfied? Imagine a world in which Angela Lansbury sings at THEIR wedding. It’d be so beautiful.


King Triton, The Little Mermaid

disney gay king triton


Daddy initially hated the idea of Ariel entering a nontraditional marriage with a land-person, but he absolutely came around in the end, even going to battle so she could have her way. Triton’s endorsement might be the most important of all the Disney characters’, since he represents someone who evolved from a position of prejudice to one of acceptance (and a Broadway musical).


Genie, Aladdin

disney gay aladdin genie


The Genie in Aladdin contractually has to grant wishes, and there are so many homosexuals out there who have wished to marry their partner (perhaps while clutching a decorative lamp). If Genie were real, he would have no choice but to legalize gay marriage and then ordain each couple in a different wacky accent.


Mickey Mouse

disney gay mickey rainbow


Mickey represents all things happy and money-making. There’s no way he would deny two people the right to spend money on happiness. At Tokyo Disney, Mickey will even host gay weddings himself!


What other Disney characters do you think support gay marriage? Let us know in the comments!


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