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District 12 From Hunger Games FOR SALE???

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If you're like me, when you were reading the Hunger Games you kept thinking to yourself, "Man, District 12 sure sounds like a nice place to live. Maybe raise a family." 



The only word that comes to mind? Idyllic.


Well, now you can do more than that! You can not only live in District 12, you can buy it! With money! For 1.2 Million dollars the owner of the real town where the Hunger Games movie filmed District 12 is for sale. 



Yes, your purchase includes Peeta. Yes, he always looks that good.


So head on over Henry River Mill Village in North Carolina and relive such fabulous movie scenes as that old lady who looked really tired, and that young girl carrying something heavy who looked really tired!



Henry River Mill Village: It's like the Disneyland of long time abandoned backwoods early-industrial villages


According to Wade Shepherd, the current owner the village, the village contains, "It’s 72 acres of village, with 20-some buildings still left. Three or four went by fire…"

If there's a better investment out there, I haven't heard of it.



For price comparison, here's something else that costs 1.2 Million dollars


Wade Shepherd, the guy selling the village, is basically the most adorable old man in existence. And if Wade Shepherd included himself in the cost of the village. Like if Wade Sheperd came with the village I would buy it in a second. And just sit on the ol' broke down porches with Wade Shepherd and a hound dog, napping contentedly to the sound of Wade gumming his beef jerky.

But Wade doesn't come with the District 12. So NO SALE.

However! If you throw in an extra $200,000 Wade has promised to dress like a Peacekeeper and patrol the town for you, murdering dissidents.



Wade Sheperd. Awwwwww!


Me honestly, I'm holding out on buying anything until someone puts the Capitol up for sale.


What would you do if you  owned District 12? Let us know in the comments!


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