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Idol Says No Go To J-Lo

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So as you all know Simon Cowell and Ellen DeGeneres won't be back to host the next season of American Idol. Producers are under the gun to find someone compelling to take over. Simon was a huge crowd draw, and whoever takes over needs to be able to fill those famously snooty British shoes.



Ellen wasn't exactly one of the better idol judges and admitted that the job didn't suit her. She just hates judging people and that's a major part of being an Idol judge.



So producers decide that the only star big enough to take Simon's place was Jennifer Lopez! Oh wait, I'm sorry, that's not the best picture of her.



There, now that's the J-Lo we all know and love and hate.

But it turns out that J-Lo was too much of a Diva. She made too many demands on the network and the show's producers so they officially called the whole thing off yesterday. Looks like Jennifer Lopez will not be taking a seat next to Randy Jackson next year.



I actually love Randy Jackson. He's my favorite Idol judge anyway and he's going nowhere.

Amidst all the rumors, and gossip, and tabloid tails of her being a spoiled rotten Diva, J-Lo shows that she knows what's truly important. She tweeted this picture of an overflowing jewlery box with the text: "Hmmm… what should I wear today?"



As you can see she's clearly very distraught over the entire situation. She can't even figure out which diamonds to wear.

But don't worry other celebs like Harry Connick Jr, Steven Tyler and Bret Michaels are all still in the running.



But so is a new name…



Shania Twain. Snore. Shania Twain is so boring that I almost fell asleep writing her name just now.



With options like that… I think that America should get together and demand that Fox Broadcasting meet J-Lo's demands! J-Lo would be a glorious trainwreck on Idol. Say what you want about J-Lo but she was the most interesting choice they've made in a long time.



Oh wait, that's not a very flattering pic. Let me find another for you…



There, now that's what we're use to seeing.


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