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Does Justin Bieber Grab His Crotch Too Much???

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Justin Bieber seems to be obsessed with grabbing his crotch lately and it's really creeping a lot of people out.

Please notice how his middle finger lovingly cradles his boy junk. GROSS!

One blogger writes, "Not even the teenage Michael Jackson was THIS obsessed with his own package."

There's even a Facebook Page dedicated to Justin Bieber's Crotch Grab.

In the video for his hit song 'Baby' he goes for a major grab at about 1:58 into the song. It's so quick that most fans don't even realize it's there but it is and it's EPIC.

Then last month there was the incident where the Biebs was showing off some pics of his new custom Blackberry when a shocking close-up pic of Bieber holding his junk appeared on Twitter and was quickly removed. Seemed to be an accident of some sort. Some speculated that it was a private picture taken to send to his girlfriend Selena Gomez. Ew!

Look at his face! He's so happy to be holding his junk! Maybe it's something that he does to comfort himself… some kids have a wubby or suck their thumb… might be something like that. A lot of guys have nick names for their junk, maybe Justin calls his "wubby". If not, the rest of us should start calling it that.

Maybe it's some kind of OCD? I've heard of people who have to lock the door like 10 times before they leave the house so maybe he has to grab his crotch like 50 times a day or he can't function in life.

What is this guy trying to prove? Is he insecure in his masculinity? For the love of God, his fans are teenage girls… why do teenage girls need to see this all the time? He's a teenager himself. It seems pretty inappropriate.

Friends don't let friends grab their junk all the time!

Does he have a medical condition? Isn't there some kind of cream or ointment that will fix that? Could be those baggy pants? Maybe it gets too humid in the crotch of his baggy-ass pants and he's trying to dry it off with a quick grab? I think he should shove an old rag into the crotch of his pants to absorb the moisture so that he doesn't have to do the grab to dry it off.

Whatever the reason, we really hope that Justin gets some kind of treatment so that we don't have to watch this kid grabbing at his junk all the time.

What do you think about Bieber grabbing his wubby all the time? Does it gross you out? Is it sexy? Do you think it's OCD or some kind of medical condition? Let's get to the bottom of this in the comments below.

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