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Dog Shoots Master in Butt

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A man was shot in the butt while hunting, and it wasn’t even one of his friends that did it, well i guess technically it was one of his friends, it was his dog.



The mans dog jumped on his gun causing it to fire… right into his butt, and I bet it wasn’t an accident either, the dog was probably aiming for his spine.

The men had just finished killing a pig, and they were taking care of the kill when the shooting happened.



So I have a hunch to why this dog shot his owner, I think this pig and the dog may have been friends, maybe this pig was like Babe: Pig In The City.



You know, the dog went up to the pig and was like, “Hey how’s it going?” then the hunters were like, ”YES your dog found us a pig to kill!” and they shot it, then the dog was like “Come on! I was talking to her! We were just about to exchange numbers! I was making time!”



Then the dog got revenge!



I don’t know about you, but I’m going to keep my eye on dogs from now on, they might not be as friendly as they seem.



If you go hunting with “mans best friend” then make sure you keep your gun close by because you never know when he will turn into, ”Man's Best Murderer.”


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