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Dogecoin Sponsored a NASCAR Driver, Forcing TV Commentators to Talk About the Internet Out in the Real World

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When it comes to buying things, there are so many options — which gas station do I pull in to? Which beer is the coldest? Which cellular provider provides the most cellular? That’s why we watch NASCAR races, so corporate sponsorship can answer our purchasing questions in quick succession. Mobil! Coors Light! Sprint! Their logos are on cars! That’s what we should buy! At that point, I can feel safe walking into a Sprint store and saying “Give me thirty Sprints, please.”

And now, thanks to Reddit, any questions about cryptocurrency we consumers have will be similarly alleviated, as NASCAR driver Josh Wise has been sponsored by Dogecoin.

dogecoin nascar gif


At the NASCAR Sprint Cup race taking place right now at the Talladega Speedway, Wise is driving a car covered with images of the second best dog-based internet meme, Doge. In a collaboration between communities /r/nascar and /r/dogecoin, Reddit raised over 55,000 dollars to pay for the sponsorship. That comes out to nearly 121 million Dogecoins, if you’re keeping track and/ or understand at all what that means.

Sure, Reddit raised this money to get Wise into the race, but they also did it because it’s funny to see a giant Doge painted on a car. I do wonder, however, if the joke might be lost on NASCAR fans.

doge nascar fan
“Why for that dog on that car, speakin’ with such a good grammar?”

But the most important part of this story — the part we will tell our children and, lo, they will tell their children — is that Dogecoin forced a bunch of professional broadcasters to embarrass themselves by talking about the internet out in the real world.

One announcer actually refers to Google as “the Google machine”, which could be him playing with the idea that he doesn’t know the internet well, or could literally be the way he refers to the search engine. There’s no way of knowing, since broadcasters always talk like they’re delivering a punchline in their 1950s stand-up set. “Can you BELIEVE that Dogecoin car, Bob? It’s almost as CRAZY as thinkin’ Democracy ain’t the BEST DARN FORM o’ GOVERNMENT there ever was!”


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