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Domino’s To Use DRONES to Deliver Pizza?

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Domino’s has always been the pizza company closest to the cutting edge of technology. I mean, do you think that winter jacket-looking bag they use to keep pizza hot during delivery was created by sccident? And now Domino’s is innovating again, sending forth the first pizza to be delivered by unmanned drone.

Domino's drones drone
Your pizza is there in 30 minutes or less! (because machines are beyond petty human fallibility)

The drone was commissioned by a UK Domino’s franchise, and on Monday they launched a video showing the “DomiCopter” clutching a Heatwave bag in its frightening metal claws and making a delivery. I’ll be honest guys, this whole thing is unsettling.

Domino's drones dog
If only because I’d always hoped Domino’s would replace their drivers with something more adorable and less, you know, horrific.

While it wouldn’t happen for a long while, if Domino’s IS looking to replace human delivery drivers with robots, there will be consequences. Not only would the move kill off the ONLY way for aspiring stand-up comedians to make money, but it would also make it nearly impossible to write an adult movie.

dominos drone screenwriter
“How do people even HAVE sex if they’re not ordering pizza? Like, how does that work?”

Of course, there is a benefit. Besides the obvious shortened delivery times, the drone delivery system eliminates one more face-to-face conversation we have to have to live our everyday lives!

domino's drone delivery
Now even this man, with his crippling social anxiety, can enjoy delicious Domino’s Cinna Stix®!

How long do you think it’ll be before a drone takes over YOUR job? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments below!

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