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Donald Trump’s Face on Alec Baldwin’s ‘SNL’ Impression: Soon We Will Have No Need for Alec Baldwin

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Former Schweddy Balls pitchman Alec Baldwin has earned rave reviews for his Donald Trump impression on Saturday Night Live, but we’ve always wondered — could we too pull off a great Trump if we had professional Hair, Makeup, and Costume departments, along with a voice that sounds just like Trump’s, and even a hint of talent?

But what we found out today was that Baldwin’s impression is about more than just looking and sounding like Trump — the guy even moves like Trump. Digital video manipulators derpfakes have superimposed Donald Trump’s actual face over Alec Baldwin’s while playing Trump, and it really looks like Donald Trump speaking. Check it for yourself:

There’s a Hillary one too:

Now, am I saying computers are on the verge of making acting obsolete? Yes. Yes I am. When it comes time to remake The Net, we’ll just be able to throw a broom in front of a green screen and slap Sandra Bullock’s face on it. Soon Brad Pitt will be on the streets begging for change and Laura Linney will be working night shifts slinging donuts. At least the robots won’t take that job from–


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