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‘Draw Something’ Game Show Coming to TV!

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You know those types of friends who you don’t really like but deleting them from Facebook is already more effort than you want to put into them? Those are always always always the people who invite me to play Draw Something. If there was a way I could cross reference my Facebook friends with the people who have invited me to play Draw Something, I’d have already finished the guest list for my birthday party.

draw something invite
Gifts will be accepted only by mail, Jess H.

It wasn’t always this way. When Draw Something first launched, all my favorite people were inviting me to draw them slam dunks and Jennifer Lopezes. But judging by the huge numbers of people quitting the game, it looks like the overall enthusiasm for Draw Something is on the decline. My guess is that the only people left playing Draw Something are the very same kind of people I don’t want to be Facebook friends with—goons. And if there’s one guy who knows how to market to goons, it’s Ryan Seacrest.

ryan seacrest
Many cultures have their own name for Seacrest, but all are whispered in fear.

Seacrest will produce a TV pilot for CBS a TV show based on Draw Something that will feature both celebrities and unattractive people drawing pictures for cash and prizes. And while the show itself might be enjoyable, what’s really exciting about this announcement is the glimpse into the future it provides—could more apps be moving from mobile to television? I, for one, would love to see a weekly TV show based on Instapaper, where contestants win points by saving high-minded, aspirational articles they would read if they were the kind of person they are in their mind and lose points for articles they’re interested in and actually intend to read.

instapaper game show
Our winner today is Phil, with a score of two quantum physics stories and a
study on gender inequality to Margret’s one interview with the showrunner of Doctor Who!


Or maybe we’ll see game shows based on the mobile platform itself—imagine a Project Runway-like show where clinical OCD patients judge which contestant’s iOS home screen is the most aesthetically pleasing! For instance, I like to put all the apps with cool colors on the bottom rows. If app colors are properly sorted by color, I have one less thing to worry about when I’m scrubbing the skin from my hands.

homescreen reorganized
If I put only green icons in the corner, mother would finally love me. Yes yes.

Would you watch a Draw Something TV show? Let me know on twitter @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!

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