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This Dude Shreds!

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Meet Jimbo Pellegrine.

Jimbo grew up in San Clemente, and has been surfing his entire life.

One of Jim's mottos is: "The quality goes in, and the name goes on." It's similar to work hard, play hard.  His life is an example of "never give in."

Life wasn't always just surfing though… when he was younger Jim was arrested for possession of drugs, specifically pot and cocaine and he was sent to serve an 18 month jail term. "I had 2 birthdays inside of rehab and jail before I was 17." Jim told us.

After rehab, Jim excelled in school and should have been graduated earlier than the rest of his class, however a jealous school board set forth to destroy him. So Jim opted to get his GED diploma on his own, and is more successful in business than anyone else that he went to school with.

This guy is so awesome. Jim now lives in Indonesia, where the surf is good. He's a huge success with several businesses. He lives the ideal life.

Jimbo may have had some trouble in the past, people said that he would die or end up in jail… but instead he lives in paradise, runs his own companies, and makes lots of time to do what he truly loves in life… surfing.

For further information on Jimbo's Bali vacation rentals, surf charter business, and rehab retreats email:


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