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Eating $10,000

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FLuffee’s weekly post!

Most of the time, if you win a cash prize, you would be grateful. This guy won a prize–and decided to eat it.

A man was flying on a plane when he won $10,000 on a scratch ticket he had bought on the jet. He then demanded they give him his money right away, because, as you know, planes are always flying with large sums of cash on board.

This is how you should react…

When he found out that he wasn’t going to receive his cash prize right away he got angry and ate his winning ticket, removing any chance he had of collecting the prize.

…instead of like this.

He basically ate $10,000, and I don’t think there’s a lot of people in this world that can say that. If I was told that I would be extremely impressed but at the same time angry and offended that someone would waste so much money.

This idea of scratch tickets on a plane is brilliant, aside from the odd person getting mad when they win and eating their prize.

Pardon me – do you have any Grey Poupon?

This scratch ticket thing could even save lives–think about it, say there’s a terrorist on the plane and he’s planning on blowing up the plane and killing everyone, but right before he goes through with it he scratches a ticket and wins $10,000. Now this terrorist has a reason to live–a scratch ticket just saved an airplane full of people!

Even if he got the money right away what was he planning on doing with it?

You’re on a plane, there isn’t much you can buy on a plane–unless maybe he was planning on paying people to do crazy things for him, like tripping a flight attendant so she falls into that crying baby that just won’t shut up or paying the pilot to let you try and land the plane.

The kind of plane that would have $10,000 in cash on it?

I thought most people who play scratch tickets know that if you win a big prize you have to call the company and claim it directly from them and most of the time you have to answer a skill testing math problem.

The skill-testing question is the whole reason I don’t play scratch tickets anymore, I know if I ever do win a big cash prize then I’m going to have to answer a math problem and I was never good at math. I would call and try to claim my prize and they would ask me “what’s 10×2?” and I would answer with confidence “something like 12.”

I never understood the skill testing question, it’s like they just don’t want to give large sums of money to people with a low brain capacity.

Quick — what’s 2+2? Sorry, too slow!

The money this man ate is now going to charity so I just wanted to let everyone know that if they win a large cash prize on a scratch ticket and then feel like making an instant donation, just eat your winning ticket, you will feel much better about yourself–well, until the ticket has to come out.