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Essential Rules For Facebook Dating

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Look, dating is hard. There are a lot of rules. There are especially rules about dating on Facebook. Facebook can make or break a relationship. You screw up on Facebook and you might not be getting another date, so let's go over some basic ground rules that will help you get to that happily ever after part.


1. Do not tag the person you're dating in photos

It's awesome that you guys spent the day at the beach together. He looks great in all the pics. Don't be a weirdo and tag him in all the photos. Then all the photos show up all over his wall, so all his friends will know that he spent the day at the beach with you. Let the man (or woman) have some privacy for God's sake. If he or she wants to be tagged in your pics, let them tag themselves. (I think this rule is true of friends as well as people you are dating.)


2. Do not Facebook your boyfriend's Ex

MAJOR NO NO HERE! Facebook stalking is one of the top things to do on the internet, next to creating Charlie Sheen memes. I can tell you straight up, it is a technological rabbit hole you do not need to fall down. Just remember, he’s with you now – so that chick probably sucks anyway.


3. Don’t change your relationship status

Look, unless you have some kind of commitment and or have been dating for a while… don't be a dummy and change your relationship. Also, when you do change your status make sure you've discussed it in person first. If you change it without talking it over first… all of your lady friends will flock to your page to “like” your status as if you’re suddenly engaged, while the person in question will slip back into the recesses of the internet trying to cover his or her face in horror, shame and embarrassment.


4. Watch what you say in your status updates

Don't gush about him or her in your status updates – also don't complain about the person your dating in status updates. It's better to keep some things between you and your boo. Status updates are not a way to passive-aggressively communicate with someone you are or were dating. Remember he or she will see everything that you post, so keep your cards close to the vest.


5. Don't be creepy

Don’t add the date of your first kiss to your Facebook profile and make a Facebook event invite to all of your friends when the one-year anniversary comes around. There’s a thin line between romantic and super-freakishly-creepy, and you’re doing the electric slide all over it.


6. Once it's over UNFRIEND and BLOCK

Okay, not always… if you guys are getting along and there's no chance of stalking then go ahead and stay friends – but if there's any chance that you are going to end up stalking them on Facebook do everyone a favor… UNFRIEND and BLOCK. You'll be much happier. Trust me.

What are some other Facebook dating tips? Let's share and discuss in the comments below.

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