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Even Robert Pattinson Hates Twilight!?

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Twilight: Breaking Dawn comes out today and I'm pretty sure most of you could probably not care less. Unlike the millions of teen Twihards rolling out of bed this morning exhausted because they just HAD to go to the midnight showing and enjoy that piece of crap fresh from the oven. What is up with these Twihards?? Remember the idiots who camped out last week? See evidence below. Great Wall of Rob–8th Wonder of the World, ladies? I think it takes a little more than a bunch of old Tiger Beat magazines, a glue gun and the tears of a love that will never be to compete with the Pyramid of Giza.


But it appears we are not alone, Twihaters! A very unlikely hater has revealed himself to the world. None other than Robert Pattinson himself! While Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner derped their way through a bunch of diplomatic BS about whether or not they would be fans of the series if they weren't in the movies, Rob couldn't even muster up a little bit of phony derp. Despite the overwhelming evidence that he is an expert derper. King of Hurrrs in fact.


Let's break what he said down, shall we?

The people who don't like it are generally people who haven't seen it. Uh, That's not true. I'm not proud to admit this but I've seen them all. Long story. They suck. I know.

They're all like judgmental and stuff. That's true. 

Cynical people. Also true. 

But I'm a judgmental and cynical person, who would just hate it without seeing it.  I still think you're a choad.

I think I'm a bad person. SHUT UP ALREADY!


So yeah, Rob's a wannabe Twihater and somehow for me it makes him even more unlikable. That's why this graph makes me scream, SO TRUE! 


Here's a look at the interview if you should care:

What do you think of all the Twilight hate? Is it completely deserving? Or is it just another case of haters gonna hate? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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