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Everyone on the Internet Came for Logan Paul After He Posted a Video With a Suicide Victim

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We’re only a day and a half into 2018, and already Logan Paul has set the bar for biggest fail of the year. The YouTuber posted a vlog after visiting the “suicide forest” in Japan, an area in the Aokigahara forest at the edge of Mount Fuji that has become notorious as a place for people to commit suicide. In the offensive video that has since come down, Paul shows the body of a hanging suicide victim, with only his face blurred out, and throughout the footage he and his friends can also be seen and heard laughing:

The vlog was viewed millions of times, before Logan finally succumbed to the backlash by deleting the video and issuing an apology of sorts:

Which he then followed up with an apology video, because yeah turns out HE’S SCARED TO LOSE FOLLOWERS AND $$$…

Thousands were offended by Logan’s post, and despite his insistence that he didn’t monetize the video, and that his laughter was a form of “coping” with what he’d seen, many weren’t buying the apology. It was largely unaccepted by Twitter, including a number of people who’ve lost friends and family member to suicide. YouTuber Anna Akana, who lost her sister to suicide 10 years ago, shared her disgust for Logan’s actions on the app, as did countless others:

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