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5 Examples of Fridge Horror From Animated Movies

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Do you know about “fridge horror”, my dudes? Imagine watching a perfectly harmless Pixar film, crying your eyeballs out, and then heading home for a snooze before going back to your stupid job the next day. Then, as you’re opening the refrigerator to reach for your midnight snack, you realize just how horrific some of the movie’s implications were. THAT is fridge horror. And it is EVERYWHERE. So here are five examples of fridge horror in animated films!


fridge animated coraline

Let’s not get it twisted, Coraline is some pure-bred nightmare fuel just, like, in general. However, our darling Coraline (spoiler alert) manages to survive and dispose of the key to the door that leads to an alternate nightmare dimension. But that doesn’t mean the door isn’t there anymore! She just has to reconcile herself with the fact that she lives above a locked door to her would-be demon captors! Sleep tight!

Toy Story

fridge animated toy

In terms of movie villains, not many come as sadistic as Sid, the bullyish neighbor from Toy Story. Come on, though, he didn’t know his toys were living, sentient creatures, right? We gotta give him a little bit of a pass. But hey, wait a second. He does eventually learn this at the end of the first film! So the implication is that he must live the rest of his days knowing that he’s been maiming and experimenting with beings that can feel every bit of pain he’s inflicted. Best case scenario, our pal Sid has thousands of dollars’ worth of therapy bills in his future! I guess that’s what you get for wanting cooler toys?


fridge animated aladdin

We all remember “A Whole New World”, the hilarious genie, and the murderous Jafar who turned into a giant red nightmare snake. Perfectly fine for kids! But there are even more nightmarish implications in this movie, including the fact that if Aladdin hadn’t taken the rap for Jasmine at the beginning of the film, she deffo would’ve been relieved of one of her hands. Not only that, but once she DID lose a hand, and it came out that she was the Sultan’s daughter, the hand-robbing guard would’ve been relieved of his head! Nothing says Disney like punishing a criminal with dismemberment!

Monsters Inc.

fridge animated monsters

From the audience’s side of things, we see a whimsical adventure of a tiny little girl following her giant furry friend through a world of wonder! But hey, wait… she’s got parents, right? So from their POV, the tale might be closer to, I don’t know, It. Their child goes missing without a trace, thanks to a horrific nightmare creature whose sole job is literally to terrify. It’s all a matter of perspective, right?

Finding Nemo

fridge animated nemo

Finding Nemo was a fantastic tale of crippling separation anxiety, torturous short-term memory loss, and the wonders of the food chain (much like the brutal lessons we learned in The Lion King!) At one point, a number of fish escape from a dentist’s office inside plastic bags. Sure, they make it to the “homeland” that is the ocean, but without any food and limited oxygen, they’ve only transported their own miniature coffin! But hey, those seagulls sure are silly, right?

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