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Facebook Wants To Make Your Phone into a Facebook Phone

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Taking the stage at a Facebook event at their California campus yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg talked about how “our phones are designed around apps and not people,” and about how Facebook hopes to “flip that around.” To that end, Zuckerberg announced Facebook Home, a system-wide phone interface for Android that puts Facebook-esque elements like messaging and photos right on your home and lock screens.

facebook phone home image
Facebook Home – for the type of people
who would consider going to a pumpkin patch.


Facebook Home puts the focus on social connectivity, with notifications like text messages, missed calls, photos, and updates from the human beings in your life popping up not only on your lock screen but also your home page, or, as Facebook Home refers to it, your Cover feed.

These notifications don’t simply appear and go away, they stay hovering over whatever app you’re using until you actively decide to clear or respond to them with a swipe or a double tap. This, to me, is the reason not to use Facebook Home — all these notifications get in the way of my workflow. It would be annoying to try and get anything accomplished on your phone with all these little notifications all around. It’s be like playing basketball covered in bees.

facebook phone man bees
Dwight Howard’s game really improved once he took his coaches’
advice and stopped playing covered head to toe in bees.


Later, the announcement of the HTC First — a phone built specifically for use with Facebook Home and that comes with the software installed — was made by HTC CEO Peter Chou. And let me just tell you, he looked STOKED to be there.

htc ceo peter chou facebook phone
He would have much rather worked on the first phone
to deeply integrate OK Cupid.


Now, I was following a liveblog of the Facebook event on The Verge, and I thought that these final two updates really sum up the entire Facebook experience:

facebook phone verge liveblog

Listen, I’m a grown-up. I know I can’t use cool software like Facebook for nothing. They have to advertise to stay afloat. And I accept that. But I would love it if this squirmy little twerp Zuckerberg would knock off that “gee golly gosh” attitude he uses whenever anyone brings up advertising. It is not extra content, okay? Advertising is the price we pay to use a site like Facebook, and it would be great if we could all stop pretending it was anything else.

Do you want Facebook THIS deep inside your phone? Let me know on twitter @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!

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