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Facebooking Through History

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Let's take a historical look at Facebook status updates thorugh the ages, shall we? You may not know it but Facebook has been around well, as long as God has, if not longer (no offense.) Don't beliee me? Here's the proof!



God. The earliest example of "FIRST!"


Ancient Asteroid

That smug cockroach. He survives EVERY extinction.



It's weird that the Egyptian soliders chasing Moses and the Israelites had time to update their status…


Judas Iscariot

Jesus: Prince of Peace, AND the first man betrayed on Facebook.


Julius Ceasar

Ceasar got stabbed. Worst get together ever.



So the Catholic Church punished Galileo for stating the truth about our solar system. In the long run, Galileo ended up as a lyric in Bohemian Rhapsody. WHO'S LAUGHING NOW, CHURCH?


Sir Isaac Newton

Coming up with the theory of gravity because an apple fell on you is the best product placement for any fruit ever.


Ben Franklin

Oh, snap Franklin. You did NOT just set in motion the revolutionary war.


The Titanic

History is marked through the Facebook status update.


Lyndon Johnson

Sorry South, that Civil Rights Act is PASSED. Deal with it!

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