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Five Facts About the Early iPhone

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The world is abuzz with talks of the iPhone 8. We don’t know for sure when it’ll launch, or how they’ll mess with the features this time, but we do know that literally everyone on the internet will have an opinion on it. And with the original iPhone turning 10 this year, we thought we’d take a look back at the first generation of the iPhone!

Steve Jobs Had Some Fun with the Unveiling of the First iPhone

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Apple is known for making their product launches into a spectacle, and the launch of the iPhone was no different. During the iPhone rollout, Jobs described the iPhone as a “revolutionary product”, then revealed… a picture of an iPod and a rotary phone. Hey, at least that iPod/ rotary phone had a headphone jack.

Its Battery Life was Sh*t

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If you think your current battery life is bad, just know that in the old days, people had it much worse. The first iPhone’s battery life was only five hours long. Five. We wish that was a joke, but a dead iPhone is no laughing matter.

The iPhone Came Out of an iPad Project

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But how can that be? The iPad came out years after the first iPhone! Well, when Apple was starting to experiment with the idea of the iPad, Jobs thought that he could apply the technology they were developing into a phone, so he was all, “Hey, put the iPad away for a bit and let’s start working on this whole ‘phone’ thing.” Probably not in those words exactly, but you get the idea.

The Features Weren’t Great but Were Still Revolutionary

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When you look at the first iPhone, the screen feels small and its size is closer to the old skool brick cell phone than it is to the sleek iPhones we know today. But back in the day, the fact that the screen was 3.5 inches instead of 2 that people were used to was a huge deal. The 2G connection was only available through AT&T, there was no App store (because apps weren’t a thing yet), and you couldn’t change the wallpaper. But that didn’t stop the original iPhone from changing the world as we know it. Because before the iPhone, smartphones were for boring Dads and only boring Dads.

It Sold Like Hotcakes

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One million iPhones were sold in just 74 days. Cut to ten years later, and Apple has sold more than one billion iPhones. In fact, Apple sells so many phones that iPhones are more than 60 percent of the company’s annual sales. Damn!

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