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Five Facts About Ugly Christmas Sweaters

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Ugly Christmas Sweaters are becoming just as much of a Holiday tradition as the Christmas tree. Let’s face it, tacky is now trendy. Here are some facts about the seasonal fashion trend that you can use to impress your friends and love interests the next time you’re way too hot at an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.

They’ve Been Around for Longer Than You Think

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While these sweaters, worn with a straight face by Chevy Chase in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, popularized the look all the way back in the ’80s. Ugly Christmas Sweaters (then just called “Christmas Sweaters”) faded out in popularity in the ’90s, they were picked back up in 2001 when hipsters started wearing them as a joke. This proves that hipsters have, in fact, made major contributions to modern society. Thanks, hipsters!

They Used to be Called “Jingle Bell Sweaters”

jimmy fallon ugly christmas sweater

When Ugly Christmas Sweaters were the hot new item on the market in the ’80s, they were sold under the name “Jingle Bell Sweaters”. We can see why the name changed — “Ugly Jingle Bell Sweater Party” just doesn’t have the same ring to it. It’s a moniker that’s more tacky than the garment itself.

There’s a National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

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National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is on the third Friday of December, meaning it was December 16th this year. That’s right, there’s a whole day where it’s safe to break out that gaudy green and red jumper you’ve been dying all year to wear. Nobody’s going to judge you on National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day! This year, Starbucks celebrated by selling ugly sweater gingerbread men. The way things are going, this day might overtake Christmas!

Vancouver, Canada is the Birthplace of the First Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

bridget jones diary ugly christmas sweater

The first Ugly Christmas Sweater Party on record happened in Vancouver, Canada in 2002. As the legend goes, it was thrown by Chris Boyd and Jordan Birch, and grew from a small house party to an all-out affair taking place at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver. Boyd and Birch even trademarked Ugly Christmas Sweater and Ugly Christmas Sweater Party in Canada. Finally, Canada has done something to make up for Justin Bieber!

Ugly Christmas Sweaters are a Growing Business

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We complain about the commercialization of Christmas, but maybe we should start complaining about the commercialization of the Ugly Christmas Sweater? What started as an ironic hipster trend has now grown into a booming business, with Nordstroms selling Ugly Christmas Sweaters for $600. Yup. 600 American dollars. According to retailers, these gauche garments have reached the same level they did in the ’80s, and sales of these sweaters are up 30 percent over last year. Have we created a monster???

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