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8 Factual Errors In Finding Nemo

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Pixar does a very good job getting things right. That we can all agree. Children and adults love to love their movies, but I’m sorry to report that nobody’s perfect. Everyone makes mistakes, including our beloved animators at Pixar. Here are 8 factual inaccuracies in Finding Nemo. Put on your life vest. Things get fishy.


8. Whales don’t have uvulas, silly willies (free willies).

facts nemo uvula


When Marlin and Dory and hanging onto the whales tongue, they see that the whale has a uvula in the back of his throat. Animals do not have uvulas–only humans. Pixar, this is ONE thing we as human have on whales–how dare you take that from us???


7. The Aussies like the metrics.

facts nemo nigel


Nigel tells Nemo that his dad has been searching for him and has traveled “hundreds of miles”. Welp. Unless, Nigel, is really an American bird and is living under the witness protection program, he would have said “kilometers”. We’re on to you, Nigel.


6. Girl Power.

facts nemo coral


Female clownfish are always larger than male clownfish. Therefore, Coral should have been depicted bigger than Marlin. Come on, you murder her AND belittle her size?? Hasn’t she suffered enough?


5. Does Dory have Super Healing?

facts nemo healing


When Dory is attacked by the Jellyfish, she gets scared on the right side of her body. Later in the movie, these scars are gone mysteriously. Did her body forget about them?


4. Bloat and Jaques should NOT be sharing a room.

facts nemo tank


Bloat is a Long Spined Porcupinefish (Diodon Holocanthus) and they prey on invertebrates. Jaques, a Cleaner Shrimp (Lysmata Amboinensis), is…you guessed it…an invertebrate. It’s like the movie “The Roommate” up in this tank!


3. 1 is the loneliest number.

facts nemo turtles


In our beloved film, we see a group of sea turtles traveling in large group down the EAC. Those turtles be trippin! Literally, all over each other. So, they would never do that. In reality, sea turtles do not travel in packs. They prefer the lone path.


2. The quality of our school systems have gone down hill.

memo facts ray


Mr. Ray needs to be fired. Apart from losing one of his students, he also is teaching inaccurate information. The “species” he mentions in his “Let’s name the Species” song are actually classes, not species. Hey kids, school is dumb!!


1. Fish are not strong enough to survive a flushing.

nemo facts drain


The sewage treatment facilities are ridden with extensive grinders to break down solids that come through. So, like Nemo, your little fishes will eventually reach the ocean. But, unlike Nemo, they wont live to tell the fish tail.


What are some other factual inaccuracies in Finding Nemo? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments below!

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