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Family Guy’s Brian Comes Back From the Dead!

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Hey, remember the time Family Guy killed off Brian Griffin?

CUT TO the time Brian was killed off on Family Guy.

It was an upsetting moment for the show’s fans, so obviously such a huge emotional choice would have ramifications for the show going forward, right? Haha, nah the dog came back like right away. Brian’s death turned out to be a multi-episode joke.

The punchline being, I guess, you and your feelings?

Brian’s resurrection method was more or less telegraphed — he died in a time-travel episode, and he came back by way of time-travel. Stewie met a past version of himself and stole the piece of tech he needed to rescue Brian. Of course, by saving Brian, Future-Stewie eliminated the timeline where he would need to save Brian, and thus faded out of existence.

This kind of evaporate-once-you’ve-contradicted-the-past business is the kind of time travel that always always always makes me angry. It doesn’t make logical sense for someone to go and influence events and eliminate themselves! They still existed enough to influence events!

family guy brian alive
You’re a goddamn peddler of lies, McFly.

While most Family Guy fans are presumably glad to have Brian back on the show, there’s at least one guy who got an RIP Brian tattoo who has to be seriously considering his life decisions.

family guy brian tattoo
Wait, no, this is not the tattoo of someone who evaluates their life decisions.

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane took to Twitter to explain the overall storyline of Brian’s death, and proceeds to mock his fans because he lied to them.

family guy brian tweets
Are we ready yet to reevaluate our stance on chasing people out of society with torches and pitchforks?

I guess if Brian had stayed dead, the lesson would have been that we should appreciate what we have when we have it, but Brian did not stay dead. That changes the message – We didn’t learn to appreciate what we have, we learned that the status quo rules — when bad things happen, they don’t count.

family guy brian alive
Your dad will move back home after he’s done teaching you a warm, fuzzy holiday lesson.

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