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Famous Creatures That Would Make Great Pokemon

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I think that the next round of new Pokemon should get some celebrity drop-ins. There are all sorts of really awesome creatures that exist in pop culture that could totally be Pokemon. They could really liven up the series. Here are our picks for famous creatures that would make great Pokemon:


Snarf from Thundercats

snarfra saves the day


Snarf might not be the obvious choice to be first on this list. Sure. He's agile and can communicate with animals. The real reason you'd want Snarf is to have him around for when he evolves in to the muscley, flying giant Snarf-Ra.


Cookie Monster from Sesame Street

cookie monster meme


Cookie Monster's mouth is terrifying. It's like a black hole that swallows up anything in its path. All you'd have to do to defeat your opponent is throw a few cookies in their general direction. He could probably take down a Steelix with just a few bites.


Falkor from The Neverending Story

falkor meme


Falkor is a Luckdragon. He flies, breathes blue fire, and has incredible luck. The best part about him is that you can ride around on him wherever you go. You'll be the first one to find every new Pokemon.


The Ewoks from Return of the Jedi

ewok and little kid


The Ewoks would fit in perfectly in the Pokemon universe. These little dudes took down the evil Galactic Empire. They follow a long line of super adorable creatures who also know how to kick @$$.


E.T. From E.T.

et and michael jackson


E.T. has two of the best powers that a Pokemon could have. Healing and telekineses. The healing is useful for obvious reasons. Telekinesis is the power to move things with your mind. In the movie, he uses it to fly. In a battle situation, he could use it for something much more sinister like squishing another Pokemon's brains from the inside.


Battle Cat from He-Man

heman rides battlecat


Battle Cat starts as the easy frightened Cringer. Cringer evolves in to Battle Cat when He-Man blasts him with his sword. Battle Cat is a tough sidekick and companion for He-Man. Covered in armor, Battle Cat is able to help take on most foes and would make a formidable opponent in a Pokemon battle.


Rodents Of Unusual Size from The Princess Bride

This a giant rat that lives in the fire swamp. They're super aggressive and stink terribly. They seem like the kind of Pokemon that Team Rocket would have.

What famous creatures would you want as a Pokemon? Let me know @zachlunch or tell us in the comments!


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