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Fart Wars: 8 Horrible iPhone Apps

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Who doesn't enjoy wasting time on their iPhone? Well, people like me who don't have one. But my boyfriend does, and I get to play with his. I am constantly amazed at the abundance of uselessly stupid applications that are available for this device.. so I did a little digging and found these… the worst of the best of the worst iPhone applications out there…


Far Wars

Have you played it? Get a friend and trade farts between your iPhones and iPod Touch. You can also send prank farts that will explode on devices when you're not even in the room. What an incredible waste of money. But I have to admit… if someone sent me a recording of their fart, I would laugh.


Taxi Hold'em

This app helps you to hail a cab. You call up a window and hold it out in the street for Taxi's to see… it also makes a whistling sound. Seems kind of useless to me. If you stick your hand out a cab is going to come weather you have this application or not.



Ever get sleepy after lunch when you're sitting back at your computer at work? Well shut the door and nap it up. Everyone will think you're sleeping with this application that plays the sound effects of you working… pencil sharpening, clicking type, stapler stapling… It'll sound like you're working. It's a funny idea, but I can't imagine anyone actually using it. It's more of a novelty.



There are a lot of funny people out there in the world, unfortunately none of them were consulted when writing these lame pick-up lines.


Hold On

For .99 you hold the button for as long as you possibly can… and then you hold it some more.



Sex Offender Locator

Keep your friends and family safe with this sex offender locator application for your iphone… as soon as they finish working the bugs out of the system… or learning to write better instructions… the wording here seems to be a little off.


I Am Rich

Apple had to actually remove this application. It was a $1000 light up screen for your iPhone that simply reads "I am rich." Can you believe that several people actually purchased this application before it was yanked? It may as well read "I am dumb."


Baby Shaker

This application, where you shake a crying baby until two red X's appear over it's eyes was also removed. It's not even funny, it's just lame and disturbing.

What's your favorite stupid iPhone app?


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