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9 Fashions From the ’90s That Haven’t Come Back in Style

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The first time I saw a tattoo choker on sale at Claire’s last year I about sh*t myself. If there was any trend I thought would never come back, it’s the necklace I loved in third grade. But not all ’90s fashion trends have made a return… yet. Here are 10 that seem to have been forgotten in the ’90s. But don’t take their retirement for granted — if the tattoo choker can come back, anything can.

1) Mesh shirts

mesh shirt jpg

The ’90s were all about shirts you could see through. Does it even count as a shirt if it’s more hole than shirt?

2) Gaudy jewelry

big earrings jpg

2016 jewelry is understated and chic — thin gold rings, simple necklaces, etc. But the ‘90s were all about jewelry you could see from space. When are giant plastic earrings going to come back in style? It’s been a solid two decades. I don’t know that I want enormous jewelry to return, except that it would probably provide a lot of comic relief.

3) Dragons on clothes

dragon shirt jpg

Perhaps the quintessential ‘90s trend, why was everyone so obsessed with dragons? Did a real life dragon make an appearance in 1990 or something, setting off a passion that consumed the decade?

4) Chain wallets

Chain wallets jpg

The chain wallet was the perfect way to look badass and never lose your wallet, whether you were an adult or an 8-year-old who really didn’t even need a wallet.

5) JNCO Jeans

JNCO Jeans png

Nobody needs to fit two people into one pair of pants. That’s not practical for anything. These can stay dead.

6) Stirrup pants

Stirrup pants jpg

Why did these ever exist in the first place? The only people who wear stirrup pants now are male gymnasts. And in my opinion, all gymnasts should be wearing leotards regardless of gender. There was one girl in my elementary school who wore stirrup pants every day and we were all very mean to her. Sorry, Olivia.

7) Overalls for guys

Nsync overalls jpg

Overalls for girls have made a tentative comeback among the particularly adventurous hipsters. but pretty much no guys who haven’t been wearing overalls since they were born because they work on a farm have been brave enough to do the same. I’d love to see these come back in style, just because men don’t take enough fashion risks these days.

8) One pant leg rolled up

one leg jpg

When LL Cool J was riding his bike around the neighborhood and rolled up one pant leg to avoid getting it caught in the gears and spokes and sh*t. He forgot to roll it back down for a big rap concert and boom, it became a style. What will it take to get this style to come back in 2016? Drake, we’re looking at you.

9) Ruffled shirts

Ruffled shirts jpg

Girls and guys alike channeled some serious Shakespeare vibes in the ‘90s. Why was this considered fashionable? Could it strike again? Let Shakespeare rest!!!

Any ‘90s trends you’re hoping come back? Any you hope never return? Let me know on Twitter @erikaheidewald!