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8 Fast Food Horror Stories

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About a week ago, a picture of a minimum wage earner licking a huge ass stack of taco shells at Taco Bell SHOCKED the internet. A couple days ago, a picture of a minimum wage earner eating soft serve ice cream directly out of the machine at Wendy’s SHOCKED the internet. You call these events SHOCKING? Psh. You must be so sheltered. THESE are some real fast food horror stories.


A Condom in a Whopper

fast food horror stories condom in whopper


Van Miguel Hartless had quite a bad day at Burger King in 2007 – not only did the employee behind the counter refuse to make his Southwestern Whopper “his way,” he also found an unwrapped condom in it. (No, seriously.) After getting in an altercation over the specifics of his order, he took his meal home, bit into it, and discovered the condom. The manager’s reaction to this news was to literally laugh in the dude’s face. Hartless got the last laugh in 2010, though, when his case was settled out of court.


Blood in Taco Bell

fast food horror stories blood in taco bell


A woman once received some unexpected red sauce in her Taco Bell – blood from an employee who had cut themselves while preparing her meal. Briana Ralston and her 1-year-old daughter were already halfway through their (presumably fourth) meal when they discovered said blood; an employee at T. Bell confirmed that it was from another employee who had “cut her finger.” Yo quiero Band-Aid, amiright? (Sorry.)


Three Fried Mice

fast food horror stories fried mouse in popeye’s chicken


Tony Hill, a pastor in Baltimore, Maryland, once got a deep-fried mouse along with his chicken at Popeye’s. The old “I found a rat in my fried chicken!” urban legend is decades old – this particular story was given a little credence, however, by the fact that local health authorities confirmed that the Popeye’s in question had a rodent problem.


Disgusting Domino’s Employees

fast food horror stories disgusting domino’s employee video on youtube


Domino’s brand was severely damaged when, in 2009, two employees filmed themselves shoving cheese up their noses and farting on sandwiches. The footage, which they put on YouTube, was accompanied by voice overs like, “In about five minutes [the sandwiches will] be sent out on delivery where somebody will be eating these, yes, eating them, and little did they know that cheese was in his nose and that there was some lethal gas that ended up on their salami. Now that’s how we roll at Domino’s.” Even though the employees later said the video was a prank and that the food was not actually delivered, they were nevertheless fired, charged with felonies, and grossed the hell out of millions of viewers.


A Big Mac Full of Glass

fast food horror stories mcdonald’s big mac with glass inside


A McDonald’s employee once put shards of glass on an NYPD officer’s Big Mac; he bit into it without realizing and cut the hell out of his mouth. He also broke some teeth. The employee ended up being arrested and charged with felony assault; the officer sued McDonald’s for $5.5 million. 


Roast Beef and Finger Sandwich

fast food horror stories finger in arby’s sandwich


Last year, a 14-year old kid named Ryan Hart found part of a finger in his Arby’s roast beef sandwich; he noticed something was wrong when he took a bite that felt “rubbery.” (Shudder.) It turned out the 1”x1/4” finger nugget he was chomping on was the byproduct of an employee’s run in with a meat slicer. I don’t know what the kid was complaining about, though – just slap some Horsey Sauce on that bad boy and it’d taste bomb as hell.


A Sharp Burger

fast food horror stories needles in burger king burger


A solder by the name of Army Staff Sgt. Clark Bartholomew, stationed in Hawaii, sued Burger King, claiming that there were needles hidden in his Triple Stacker burger, which he bought on the base. He said one of the needles pierced his tongue, and that another found its way into his small intestine, causing him to be hospitalized for six days. “Burger King’s Triple Stacker: Three Times the Beef, Two Times the Unwanted Injections.”


A Loaded Hot Dog

fast food horror stories bullets in costco hot dog


A woman once accidentally ate two live 9-millimeter rounds that were in her Costco hot dog. She was curiously cool about it, telling the newspaper La Opinion, “I think it’s the most secure way for a bullet to enter your body. If a bullet’s going to be in your stomach, at least it didn’t pierce the skin to get there.” In fairness, why wouldn’t she be cool with it? With the average 9mm bullet going for $0.20, she actually saved an additional $0.40 on Costco’s already insanely cheap hot dog prices by getting two free bullets out of the deal.


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