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Father’s Day Gift Ideas to Make Your Emotionally Withdrawn Dad Cry

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Father’s Day is a day in which we honor the men in our lives who have helped raise us into upstanding citizens. (They also told us they didn’t want a dog but then when we got a dog and they loved it so so much.) If you’re wondering what to give your Dad this year, I have some gift ideas that will not only impress, but also shatter the fragile wall holding back all of your father’s repressed emotions. Here are the gifts that will turn your dad into a puddle of adult tears.


Artist’s rendering of an old family photo

family painting photo

Find a photo of you and your dad from years ago and hire a local artist or find one online who will paint the image for you. Then frame that beautiful illustration up and you’re golden. Your father will take one look and then cover his face as if he’s sneezing. But he’s not sneezing. He’s quietly weeping into the crook of his arm as you and your family pretend nothing is happening.


Sports game shout out

jumbotron baseball message

If your dad is emotionally withdrawn, then he probably funnels his emotional investments into sports. So get him a ticket to a game and contact the arena or event staff of the stadium and request a shout out on the big screen. In the middle of the game, your father will be blind sided by a display of love that is shared with an entire stadium. Right after that, he’ll ask if you want a hot dog, but he’s not getting up because he’s hungry. He’s about to go cry in a public restroom.


Day trip

drive ocean bend

One of the best gifts you can give someone is quality time. Plan a day trip with your dad to somewhere you’ve talked about going for a while, or just find a state park nearby where you can take in some scenery. Then, use that time to talk about things you wouldn’t normally discuss. At the end of the day, while you’re parking the car at home, your dad will grab your arm and say something like “This has meant the world to me.” As you exit the car he’ll stay inside it. “You coming Dad?” you’ll ask. “Yeah. Just give me a second.” And then you’ll leave your dad to weep in the car.


A “World’s Best Dad” mug

mug sip dad

It sounds too easy, but who wouldn’t want a gift that tells them they’re the best? He’ll chuckle to himself, but then, he’ll picture the little bundle of joy he brought home from the hospital that day. “Such small hands. I need to protect this life,” he thought to himself. When he comes to your Dad will find himself on the ground bawling into a mug full of tears.


Have a catch

cry baseball cubs

If you can just throw a baseball around like old times, well, there’s nothing more a father could ask for. Just be careful with how fast you throw because your dad will be wiping his eyes between catches. “You okay Dad?” you shout. “Yeah, there’s just a very wet bug that keeps landing on my face.” Nice try pops. Happy Father’s Day.

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