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Fighting Games We’d Like To See

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We were pretty excited to hear the announcement of new characters being added to forthcoming Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 at last month’s San Diego Comic Con.



It’ll be pretty cool to see Wolverine opening a can of whoop-ass on baddies like Doctor Doom.



However, here are some crossover fighting games that we’d really like to see get made.


Golden Girls Vs. Designing Women


Miley Cyrus Vs. Demi Lovato


Jacob Black Vs. Edward Cullen


CSI Miami Vs. CSI New York


Hasselhoff Vs. Shatner


Conan Vs. Leno


Steve Jobs Vs. Bill Gates


Dane Cook Vs. Carrot Top


Kate Gosselin Vs. The Octomom


Justin Bieber Vs A Six-Year-Old Girl


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