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Final Dark Knight Rises Trailer Released

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The new Batman trailer will premiere in theaters this week in front of "The Avengers." Here's a screen grab from it:


batman run


Batman drives as fast as he can but no matter how fast he drives he can't outdrive… his past.


But there's no need to wait to see it there, because the internet already has the trailer and it looks to be full of everything you want from a Batman movie:


angsty christian bale

Angsty Bruce Wayne…


sinister bane

Sinister Bane…


not so fun

And football bloopers.


So check out the trailer in all it's glory before Joel Schumacher gets a hold of it and adds nipples to everyone's suits.


Are you more excited to see "The Dark Knight Rises" than "Salmon Fishing In The Yemen"? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments!


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