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The Final Hunger Games Movie to be Split in Two!

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Yes, every Hunger Games fan is eagerly anticipating the upcoming sequel, Catching Fire. But the real payoff of this series comes in the last book, Mockingjay. Unfortunately, that feeling of resolution is going to have to come in chunks, as we learned today that Mockingjay will be split into two films, much like the final installments of the Harry Potter and Twilight franchises. And also like those finales, this split is for sure occurring solely to maintain the story's complexity and remain as faithful to the book as humanely possible.

business men
"If we charge these Hunger Games kids twice for the last movie we can
not only get gold teeth, but ROWS of gold teeth. Like a rich shark."


Look, I read Mockingjay, and while it's probably my favorite book in the series, I have no idea how it'll fill two movies. At least Harry Potter had a logical stupid-nonsense-in-the-woods/ awesome-Hogwarts-battle separation point. Where do you split Mockingjay in half? What could they possibly do with two extra hours of screen time?

katniss snow peeta
"Before our battle begins, I'd like to have you over for an in-depth, real-time
discussion on the works of playwright Tennesse Williams."


It would have been much better to see the first Hunger Games film cut in half. Holy christ that movie felt rushed. I would have loved to see the first film be able to take it's time and develop its characters. You know, let it be a movie rather than a sprint to the finish.

rue around corner

rue in ceiling

rue pointing

katniss and rue

rue dies

rue dies on tumblr
Total screen time: 1 minute, 26 seconds
(Apparently enough for Tumblr to be sad, though.)


If I could throw an idea out, maybe they don't split Mockingjay in two so much as they make it twice. Say, one movie where Katniss ends up with Gale and then an alternate universe movie where she ends up with Peeta. This makes it so that every last fan leaves the theater satisfied, no matter which couple they're invested in. Although, things do get tricky when you introduce alternate universes. I'd just hope the Hunger Games producers wouldn't use any of the lame alternate universe twists that every sci-fi show about alternate universes end up doing.

katniss alt universe kennedy
This time, Katniss is in the Hunger Games with former president Kennedy
who once cancelled a trip to Dallas because his coin flip came up tails.


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