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A man in India was trying to trade a bag of fish when one of the fish attacked him.

The fish attacked him by jumping into his mouth and nearly choking him to death.

After the fish entered his mouth it then worked its way down into the man’s lung.

This fish was looking out for number one, he just wanted to survive, probably saw how moist the man’s mouth was and just went for his last hope. This fish would have yelled, "freedom!" as he jumped through the air, if only fish could talk.

When I read this article there was a picture of what looked like a really big fish and my first thought was “Holy crap, How do you get a fish that big caught in your mouth?” then I read that it swam to his lung and I was like “Holy crap, how did that fit in his lung?” but no, it was a small fish.

Luckily this man didn’t end up dying, he went into surgery and had the fish removed from his lung before it was too late.

I’m not sure if the fish lived or died, hopefully it lived because that would be a great story for this fish to tell all his fish buddies, how he almost got revenge on a fisherman. You know what? Maybe this fish knew what he was doing.

This could be the start of some sort of fishpocalypse, be sure to put your fishing trips on hold for a while, you wouldn’t want a large mouth bass trying to shove its head in your mouth.


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