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Foreign Words That Are Fun To Say

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Ignorant American love making fun of foreign people and their languages… but there are SO many foreign words that are so fun to say! Here are some of my favorites!



(Pronounced LOOFT-vah-fuh) The German air force in World War II may not have been particularly fun to be around, but it sure is fun to say.



(Pronounced flug-VOO-luhr) The Icelandic word for airport sounds more like a Shakespearean insult than a place.



(Pronounced BONE-uhr) The French word for happiness sounds more like a specific type of happiness in English.



(Pronounced HAND-shoo) The German word for glove. It’s a shoe (or schuh), but for your hand. You know, if you have feet for hands…



(Pronounced SHMUTZ-ich) The German word for dirty is so fun to say that I’d clean my German room with dirt.



(Pronounced BUP-kiss) The Yiddish word for nothing. E.g. Babies are adorable and all, but in return for all your loving care, they give bupkes.



(Pronounced KRAN-kin-shvest-uhr) Another German word. This one literally means “sick sister,” but it’s used to address a nurse. Those sick sisters.



(Pronounced OOCH-choh-lee) The Danish word for “incredible” sounds more like a simultaneous cough and choke.

What other foreign words are fun to say? Tell us in the comments below!

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