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Forget ‘Fortnite’: Reddit Is Getting Into the ORIGINAL Battle Royales

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Hello, and welcome to Smosh’s Old-Timey Porch Corner. Lemonade? No? Fine, more for us. These days, it feels like everyone’s talking about Fortnite this, PUBG that, battle royale everything. Yet, as many eagle-eyed Redditors have pointed out, this current video game fad has its roots in many classic games of yore. In other words: you weirdo emoting dancers didn’t invent the concept of “battle royales”! And Reddit is here to prove it.

Any other original battle royales spring to mind for you? Or are these Redditors being too persnickety? Respawn onto our Twitter, where we give you all the loot without those pesky microtransactions. Now get off our virtual lawn!