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Fox Rocks: Tyler And Spears To TV

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Fox is bringing rockers to their shows… with Britney Spears and Steven Tyler.



Fox has made two important casting decisions…

Internet reports surfaced on Tuesday that Steven Tyler is set to be the next new judge on American Idol.



Representatives of Fox and Idol deny the claims, refuse to comment, say that no decision has been made and that there's nothing to announce.

But sources close to the singer say that the "deal is done." I guess we're just waiting for Fox to announce it.



Now that Paula is gone, Idol desperately needs someone to show up in crazy outfits and wild makeup, and Tyler would surely deliever that.

At 62, Tyler would be the oldest Idol judge ever!



Can you believe this is Steven Tyler? Looks like some old lady.

Regardless… guess who might be sitting in the judes seat next to him?



That's right… Turns out that J-Lo's crazy demands haven't taken her completely out of the running just yet. Tyler and J-Lo? I'd tune in for that.

Their second major casting decision was to put Britney Spears on Glee.



The network took a chance hiring this often troubled singer… but Britney has really turned her life around… she's been focusing on herself, working out, taking care of her children, getting her finincial house in order… and it all seems to be working. She looks fantastic, happy and healthy.

On Wednesday she promoted her appearance on Fox by Tweeting from the Glee set where she started filming the "all Britney" episode for this season. Britney Tweeted:



And this picture…



Fox is really bringing the rock to prime-time.


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