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Free Condoms For Kids

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The Cape Cod's Provincetown School Committee unanimously passed legislation two weeks ago that would make it possible for students from elementary school to high school to get free condoms from the school nurse. You heard that right, elementary school kids can go to the nurse and get a free condom if they want.


The legislation also protects the privacy of the students receiving the condoms, requiring school officials to keep the student's identity a secret, and to ignore any parents' objections.


“The intent is to protect kids,’’ said School Superintendent Beth Singer.


Critics say that this free-condom policy will promote sexual promiscuity in kids. That's insane. Thats like saying that NOT handing out condoms will promote abstinence, and I think we all know that's not true.

They didn't hand out condoms at Bristol Palins' school and look what it got her… A baby! Now she will forever be shakled to that loser baby-daddy/ex-boyfriend of hers, Levi Johnston.


How old do you think the world's youngest parent was? Just take a guess. 12 or 13?


Try, 5-years-old!

Lina Medina was only 5 when she gave birth to a 6 lb. baby in 1939.


You know what Bristol, Lina and all these other young parents could have REALLY used?

A free condom.


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