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Full Body Searches: Are They Too Sexy?

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A San Diego man is now famous after telling an airport TSA agent "If you touch my junk, I'll have you arrested."

He was immediately escored out of the airport by security and now faces criminal charges and up to $10,000 in fines.

TSA (Transportation Security Administration) lead agent Mike Hudson defends full body scanners as well as “extended pat downs”…

But only for hot chicks. 

Hudson goes on to explain that as terrorist concerns heat up as the holidays approach and the TSA plans to implement further measure as well. Mr. Hudson has introduced, but has not implemented yet, the “Post pat down jumping jack” as well as the “Anti-smuggling lap dance”.

When asked why women are being singled out for these extra security measures he replied “We believe that Al Qaeda has changed the methods that they have used in the past to try to subvert airport security. What was the typical looking terrorist of years ago is no more. We see that they are using younger clean shaven men that blend into a crowd better”.

When asked why then, is the focus on only attractive women and not all women his answer was “Forward thinking”. He went on to defend the TSA’s new practices as trying to stay one step ahead of the terrorists.

Mr. Hudson would not answer complaints that his methods were just an attempt to let creepy old men fondle and grope women.

The interview was cut short for the installation of his newest idea “Stripper pole screening”.


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