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Fun Ways To Kill Time In Detention

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You might be the teacher’s pet but we’ve all had days where we just want to rebel. If you find yourself hanging out in the detention hall after school and you’re not sure what to do, I'm here to help. Here’s my list of how to pass the time before you’re free again. But be warned: doing any of these things will probably send you right back in to detention!


6. Start A Sing-Along


Start humming the most annoying Katy Perry song you can think of and pretty soon the rest of the room will join in and you’ll all be singing at the top of your lungs,  while you watch the teacher in charge cover their ears and cry.


5. Make A Gum Sculpture


Make use of all that dried up and crusty old gum under your chair and create a masterpiece!


4. Bathroom Dance-Off


Every time you have to use the restroom, do a different dance move as you leave the room.


3. Hide A Whoopee Cushion


Seriously, the ol’ whoopee cushion on your teacher’s chair bit NEVER gets old…


2. Only Speak With An Accent


Imagine the confused look on everyone’s faces when you only answer questions with an accent – a different dialect every time.


1. Toilet Paper The Teacher’s Desk


True, it might earn you another afternoon in detention, but it will be totally worth it seeing your teacher’s face when they come back from the bathroom and their entire desk is covered in TP.

What do you think would be the most hilarious prank to pull off in detention? Let me know.

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