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Giant Beaver Attack!

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A man claims a giant beaver attacked him while he was fishing, and this didn’t even happen in Canada, it happened in the states.



I thought beavers were only in Canada but that’s probably just because I’m a stupid Canadian. (Only I can call myself that, not you.)



So back to the beaver attack… this giant beaver attacked the man head on, at first this man tried to fend it off by hitting it in the head with his fishing pole which I’m guessing didn’t do anything but piss off the beaver even more.



The beaver then bit the man on his arm and leg.



Could you imagine being bit by a beaver, that must be one of the hardest bites on the planet, this is a creature that bites down whole trees.This man must have been in some serious pain.



Those teeth aren't the only weapon a beaver has, it also has that slap happy tail. I wonder if this beaver got a few smacks in with his tail.



I bet you a beaver tail slap to the face would KO almost anyone. I wonder why the beaver attacked him in the first place because is isn’t common for a beaver to attack.



Maybe this beaver was friends with the fish, or maybe he thought the guy was there to cut down the trees and this beaver just wasn’t having it.



More likely this beaver was mad because he found out that humans use his name as another word for a curtain female body part.


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