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Girl Banned From Prom Because Her Breasts Are Too Big?

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A young woman named Brittany Minder was turned away from her high school prom for violating the dress code by wearing a dress that showed off her cleavage. But Brittany calls the school’s decision unfair. Speaking to Komo News, Brittany says her larger chest makes her UNABLE to show any less cleavage.

chest prom brittany
PICTURED: The absolute minimum level of cleavage.

The school’s dress code reportedly said that “strapless dresses are allowed as long as cleavage, midriff and lower back are covered”. So Minder, in theory, knew that showing cleavage would get her in hot water when she bought the dress. That assumes, of course, that she — or anyone ever — has actually sat down and read her school’s handbook. I know I never did. Maybe I should dig out my old student handbook and see what it says.

chest prom handbook
Hmm. According to this, we were only allowed to go to the bathroom on Thursdays.

Minder’s parents were also interviewed, and took their daughter’s side. Her mother said “All women are not created equal, and you cannot compare a golf ball to a grapefruit. It ain’t gonna happen.” And while I think I know what she was getting at, that is still the weirdest metaphor I’ve ever heard. And Mrs. Minder said it with such confidence that I thought it was some common colloquialism I had just missed out on. So I Googled “golf-ball to grapefruit” and found this piece of graphic design by a first year art student:

chest prom skier art
And now I’m more confused than ever!

Ultimately, Minder did go in to the dance wearing a shawl, but she says she felt embarrassed and stayed for only an hour. Minder and her family say they want a formal apology from the school, but was it the school that was in the wrong? I mean, they DO have a written dress code policy. Brittany just wasn’t able to meet it. It sounds like they ultimately worked out a pretty reasonable compromise. She was technically in violation of the policy but was still allowed in. That feels like a win to me. Sure, ehr prom wasn’t as magical as she wanted it to be, but remember, not everyone even gets to go to their prom. Some high schoolers can’t afford it. Some can’t find a date.

chest prom LAN party
And some have scheduling conflicts with their weekly LAN party (much different than not having a date).

Do you think it was fair for Brittany to have been stopped at the door? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments below!

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