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Girl Manages to Get Fired on Twitter… Before Even Starting her Job

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Complaining about our terrible jobs on social media is a pretty common thing. We all like to vent when our a-hole boss made us work a double on our birthday. But most of us have the common sense to a) make sure our bosses can’t see these complaints, and b) only complain about a job you already have. Twitter user Cella is not most of us.

twitter fired cella
Also, most of our selfies aren’t this trashy. C’mon girl, clean your floor!

According to Uproxx, Cella wrote about her disapproval about her new job on Twitter, only to get called out for it by her would-be boss, and then fired immediately (also through Twitter).

twitter fired tweet1
twitter fired tweet2
Ohhhhhh snap, he fired her without swearing!

The story ends there, right? Wrong. Cella went on to taunt Robert with a money-throwing emoji and the wise words “this me” in a tweet, as if to say, “hey MAN, you don’t control me. I’m MADE of money!” Of course, if she’s made of money, why was she taking a job at a pizza place in the first place? But I won’t judge Cella. She stood up for herself (in an incredibly dumb way). But still, who amongst us hasn’t wanted to tell their boss to suck it? We all know not to, because telling the boss to suck it could have catastrophic consequences, but Cella doesn’t care (probably because she isn’t mature enough to realize that yet). And so, we get to live vicariously through her, the same way we live vicariously through a dumb Jim Carrey character in a movie or a dumb pop singer in a dumb pop song.

twitter fired miley
The rest of us CAN stop, and must, lest we be reduced to ash.

Shine on, you crazy diamond thinking you’re a Twitter celebrity instead of a passing curiosity who endangering your future for a moment of internet notoriety. Shine on.


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