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This Girl Told Her Crush She Likes Him With a Spotify Playlist, AND IT WORKED

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We recently covered the story of a girl who dumped the guy show was dating via a Spotify playlist, which is one of the iciest things a person can do. Now, another girl has used her Spotify powers for good — telling her crush she likes him through the music streaming site. She even went so far as to assure him that she still wants to remain friends if he doesn’t reciprocate her feelings. #Classy


The very sweet gesture was met with a world of support from other twitterers, with one even offering to f*ck the guy up if he friend-zoned her…

Luckily the dude’s dresser will remain intact, because Hannah reassured the good Samaritan that the feelings between her and her crush turned out to be mutual.

As for the rest of Twitter, this sh*t made some people’s f*cking days!

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